How to Get Your China Degree Certificate Authenticated by the Embassy of Spain in China

This is a guide on how to get a China degree certificate authenticated by the Embassy of Spain in China. The authentication, also known as legalization, is often needed in connection with studying in Spain.

Our guide is based on a real case where a bachelor’s degree from a university in Beijing was authenticated. The holder of the degree certificate was a foreign national who lived outside China during the authentication process.

Sample China Degree Certificate

The same procedures to be described in this guide also apply to other Chinese academic credentials such as graduation certificates[1] and transcripts. If your university is located in a city other than Beijing, the procedures may vary. One of the variations could be the relevant Spanish Embassy/Consulate. Spain has one Embassy and three Consulates in China. Each has its own consular jurisdiction. Please check the jurisdictions in detail at the website of the Spanish Embassy to know which Embassy/Consulate is relevant in your case.

STEP 1: Notarization

Notarization of your degree certificate is a prerequisite step to consular authentication. When notarizing a degree certificate, a notary officer in China not only issues a certified true copy of the original certificate but also certifies that the degree certificate is genuine. 


In our case, the degree certificate is issued in Beijing, so only local notary offices in Beijing are relevant. There are multiple notary offices in Beijing that can notarize degree certificates for use abroad. For contact information of all the notary offices in Beijing, please visit 12348 Beijing Public Legal Service Website.

If your degree certificate is issued in another city, only the notary offices in that particular city can notarize it. For example, a degree issued by a university in Shanghai can only be notarized by a notary office in Shanghai.


  • Original degree certificate in Chinese
  • Passport
  • Power of attorney, if a third-party is appointed to handle the application.

The original degree certificate in Chinese must be provided. Copies are not acceptable. If you were issued both a degree certificate in Chinese and a degree certificate in English, always provide the Chinese version. The English version alone may not be acceptable for purposes of notarization.


1 to 2 weeks.


For purposes of authentication by the Embassy/Consulates of Spain in China, notarial certificates are required to come with either English or Spanish translation. The notary office that notarizes your document will get the translation and make it part of the completed notarial document as shown in the below sample.


Sample Notarial China Degree Certificate

STEP 2: Authentication by both China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Spain

Authentication by both China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Embassy of Spain are two steps, but the applications are filed all at once with an agency designated by China’s MFA. After MFA finishes the authentication on their part, MFA will deliver the applicants’ documents to the Embassy of Spain for consular authentication. Applicants need not visit the Embassy of Spain themselves.


A list of all MFA agencies is available on China Consular Service Website, which is an official website owned by China’s MFA. If a notarial certificate is issued by a local notary office in Beijing and needs to be authenticated by the Embassy of Spain, the applications are filed with a local MFA agency in Beijing. In our case, we chose to file the authentication application with Beijing Fangyuan Notary Public Office, which is both a notary office and an MFA-designated agency for receiving authentication applications.

If your notarial certificate is issued in another city and needs to be authenticated by a different Spanish consular post in China, you will need to file your authentication application with the local MFA agency in your city. For example, if you have a notarial certificate issued in Shanghai, it can only be authenticated by the MFA agency in Shanghai and the Consulate of Spain in Shanghai. Not every city has MFA agencies for receiving authentication applications. If there’s no such agency in your city, you may need to travel to another city in the same province.


  • Original notarial degree certificate with English or Spanish translation
  • Passport


10 to 15 days


Sample Authenticated Notarial Degree Certificate

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[1] Chinese higher education awards 2 types of credentials: degree certificates and graduation certificates. Most students who completed an undergraduate, master’s or doctoral program have both certificates.

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  1. I completed my master’s from China in 2022 and now in Spain for my PhD studies here. I notarized my degree certificate in China but didn’t had enough time to legalized it on time.
    So how can I legalized it now in Spain?

    • Thanks for your message. If you cannot travel to China for the legalization, we are happy to assist you without you coming to China. To get started, please click here to fill in a quote request form.

    • Hello sir
      My bachelors degree is also from china now I got admission for masters in Spain.
      But Spain embassy cannot legalize my documents in Pakistan
      Embassy asked me to do it from Chinese ministry of foreign affairs and then legalization from Spanish embassy in China.
      Can you guide me with this what will be the process?
      I also have the Equivalence certificate of my degree issued by HEC Pakistan
      Response will be appreciated

  2. Hello, I am in Pakistan and my PhD is from Dalian, China. I have a postdoc offer from Spain and they are asking me to legalize my PhD degree from Spanish embassy in Pakistan. But I have not notarized my PhD in China and nor I have attestation from Ministry of foreign affairs of China. Please guide me how can I legalize my PhD degree from Spanish embassy in Pakistan.

    • Hello Aamer. Thanks for leaving a message. If you are interested in using our service to get a document notarized by a local notary office in China and authenticated/legalized by both China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a foreign embassy/consulate in China, please click here to complete a request-a-quote form.


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