Guide to Applying for a Police Certificate in Guangzhou

This is a guide for people who are not citizens of China about how to apply for a China police certificate in Guangzhou for purposes of immigration, employment or school admission. A police certificate is also known as a police clearance certificate or certificate of no criminal record.

On March 1, 2019, a new regulation governing police certificate applications in Guangdong came into effect. While the new regulation brings improvements with respect to streamlining the application process, it imposes a stricter requirement on Temporary Residence Registration Forms.

China does not have a national authority that issues police certificates. Instead, local authorities in each city issue police certificates to foreign nationals who have resided in the city. Furthermore, each certificate only covers the period of a foreign national’s residence in a particular city. This means a foreign national may need multiple certificates if he has lived in multiple cities. However, Guangdong Province becomes the only exception thanks to the new regulation, which allows a foreign national to apply for a single certificate covering his entire time in Guangdong Province regardless of how many cities he has lived in Guangdong Province.

Procedures for Applying for a China Police Certificate in Guangzhou

STEP 1: Apply to the Division of Exit and Entry Administration of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau (PSB) for a Police Certificate

If you are unable to file the application yourselves, you may appoint a third-party representative to act on your behalf. The processing time for most cases is 3 business days.

Contact info of the Division of Exit and Entry Administration of Guangzhou PSB:

Address Jiefang Nanlu 155 Hao, Yuexiu Qu, Guangzhou (In Chinese, 广州市越秀区解放南路155号)
Telephone Unavailable. In-person inquiry only.
Office Hours8:30-12:00 and 14:00-17:30, Monday to Friday, closed during holidays.

STEP 2: Apply to Guangzhou Notary Public Office for Notarization of the Police Certificate

Contact info of Guangzhou Notary Public Office

Address Dongfeng Zhonglu Yuexiu Chengshi Guangchang Nanta 10~12 Lou, Yuexiu Qu, Guangzhou 510030 (In Chinese, 广州市越秀区东风中路越秀城市广场南塔10~12楼 邮编510030)
Office Hours 9:00-12:30 and 14:00-17:30, Monday to Friday, closed during holidays.

Guangzhou Notary Public Office has one central office (with the address above) and four branch offices. It is recommended to make your application with the central office. The other branch offices may not be familiar with this particular notary application. The processing time with the notary is about 10 business days.

Requirements for Applying for a China Police Certificate in Guangzhou


  1. You must have resided in Guangdong Province for 6 months or more, evidenced by your Temporary Residence Registration Form(s); and
  2. You must not be of diplomatic status during the period you want the certificate to cover.

Required Documents

(a) Passports—Originals or Authenticated Copies

The original documents of your passports are always preferred. If original passports are unavailable and only copies are provided, the copies must be authenticated by a China Consulate/ Embassy. Click here to view our guide about how to apply for China consular authentication.

(b) Temporary Residence Registration Form(s)

Your Temporary Residence Registration Forms (TRRF) will determine what periods of your residence will be covered by your police certificate. If you never had a TRRF, your application will not be accepted. If you have some TRRFs but lost the others, you can only apply to cover the periods of your residence reflected by the available TRRFs. The date when a TRRF is issued will be considered as the beginning of your residence in Guangzhou and the visa expiry date as the end of your residence. 

(c) Power of attorney

A power of attorney is required if another person makes the application on your behalf. A power of attorney must be notarized (if you are in China) or authenticated by a China Consulate/ Embassy (if you are in a foreign county).


Regulations about China police certificates are not inclusive in nature. And local authorities are given discretionary powers in practice. If you have an issue that is not covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing high-quality services for obtaining your China police certificate in Guangzhou. If you are interested in hiring us, please fill in a quote request form. Click the below button to get started. 

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