2021 Happy New Year

At end of the year 2020, we are looking back at the journey we have had with our clients for the past 365 days:

In 2020, we have spoken with authorities in 74 cities in China for more than 100 hours on behalf of our customers and exchanged more than 5,000 emails.

In 2020, we served over 100 clients who are foreign nationals or residents of Hong Kong and Taiwan. We successfully obtained China police certificates for many people who needed the certificates to unite with their loved ones in another country through immigration or seek a job opportunity outside of China. Also, we helped many foreign nationals get their foreign diplomas authenticated by Chinese authorities.

The quality of our service is recognized by our clients. We want to thank all the clients who post testimonials on our website. Your compliment gives us motivation to provide better service and maintain our enthusiasm to pursue perfection in our business. We will continue the efficiency and quality of our service and help more foreign nationals deal with matters related to their life in China.

As the new year is coming, we wish everyone a happy life in 2021!

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