Nihal F X Amin

Working with Zhaozhao Consulting has been highly professional from 1st point of contact. I faced none of the usual communication issues that one might usually expect. They were prompt, accurate and most importantly solution oriented. They managed to get the job done even when there was indications that finally it may not happen. Highly recommend …

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Спасибо большое за оперативную и качественную работу! Мне и моему супругу надо было получить справку о несудимости с Китая. Так как мы учились с 2011 по 2014гг было проблематично получить справку. Лететь в Китай и самим получить справку тоже было проблематично, так как визы получить было трудно и очередь на визы длинные и плюс обошлось …

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I don’t know where to begin. Pete and the team did such an amazing job getting my police certificate (CNCR). From start to finish, all my questions (and I had a lot) were answered quickly and thoroughly. I was nervous and overwhelmed at the beginning. This process is a huge undertaking for someone out of …

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Michael O Sullivan

Pete and his team offer a highly professional service. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs to procure documents from the PRC Government.


Pete was a pleasure to work with. I bombarded him with emails asking if this or that document would work and after months of trying, he kept all my files, always responded right away and kept me updated. Got them delivered quickly. No problem, look great. Highly recommend

Daniel Wright

My wife and I were feeling overwhelmed when we realised just how much documentation was necessary for our immigration application. Getting legal documents from a country we had left years ago and from different cities seemed like it would take forever. We needn’t have worried. Pete and his team made things quick and easy. We …

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After my stay in China, I needed to notarize, translate and legalize my police clearance report for visa application purposes. I could not have handled this myself because I was not in China and most of my friends were busy and I had limited time left to submit the document at the embassy. Hence, I …

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Tiehan Hortense

For those reading the reviews first, if you are wondering if all these testimonies are genuine, well THEY ARE, because I was thinking the same before I request their service. My husband and I tried to apply for our CNCR in China for over a year without any success. A couple of months ago we …

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At first, I was quite hesitant to ask ZhaoZhao to help me with my degree verification, but what makes me certain is Pete was extremely honest, he keeps asking me if this verification is really needed, if not it will be such a waste… so if you want to ask first, don’t hesitate to contact …

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My wife and I engaged ZhaoZhao in January 2023 for obtaining China of No Criminal Record. Pete and the team have been utmost professional and prompt in all aspects leading to the issuance of CNCRs for our Australian citizenship approval requirement.