Diploma Authentication Request

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We take confidentiality and privacy seriously. No information or documents collected in this form or otherwise will be disclosed to or shared with a third party, except to the Chinese government entities for the sole purpose of obtaining your diploma authentication certificate.

Step 1: Personal Contact Info

Step 2: About the Diploma/Degree to Be Authenticated

Step 3: Second Highest Education

Example: fill in the information about your high school education if the diploma/degree to be authenticated is an undergraduate degree.

Step 4: Upload Documents

Do you understand that anyone who provides any forged, counterfeit, altered, or falsely made document will be banned from filing another application for diploma authentication for at least 2 years?

Upload the following documents:

1. Current passport ID pageIf you studied outside of your home country, also provide the passport that you used to travel, including the ID page and pages with visas and exit/entry stamps. If you studied abroad without having to obtain visas, you can skip the passport pages with visas and provide a brief explanation in the comment area below. (Sample)

2. Diploma/DegreeIf you diploma/degree has two versions in two languages, provide both versions. (Sample)

3. DeclarationYour signature must be handwritten. Digital signatures are not acceptable. (Sample) (Download a blank declaration.)

4. ID PhotoWhite background is preferred, while other background colors are acceptable. (Sample)

5. Additional Proof of StudyIt's optional, but highly encouraged, to provide additional proof of your study, such as transcripts or enrollment verification letters. (Sample)