How to Get Chinese Academic Credentials Notarized in Shenzhen

This blog will explain how to get Chinese academic credentials notarized in Shenzhen. Academic credentials in this blog refer to degree certificates, graduation certificates and transcripts issued by China higher education institutions. Academic credentials are also known as academic qualifications.

Notarization of Chinese academic credentials is often required to apply for a visa, job or school admission in another country outside China. In addition to notarization, some countries also require authentication by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the relevant Consulate/Embassy in China. Click here to view our guides on consular authentication in China.

Upon notarization, a notary officer both verifies the authenticity of the original academic document and certifies a true copy of the document. A notarial certificate is a white booklet as the sample shown below in this blog. The booklet contains a copy of the original document, a notarial statement, and a relevant translation.


Only notary offices in the city where you studied can notarize your academic credentials. If your degree was awarded by a university in Shenzhen, its notarization needs to be done by a notary office in Shenzhen too. Notary offices in other cities cannot notarize academic documents from Shenzhen.

There are multiple notary offices in Shenzhen that are licensed to do the notarization for use abroad. Shenzhen Notary Public Office is probably more experienced than the other notary offices. For contact information of other notary offices in Shenzhen, visit Shenzhen Justice Bureau’s website.


Shenzhen Notary Public Office requires the following documents for notarizing degree certificates, graduation certificates and transcripts:

  • Original documents of your degree certificate, graduation certificate and transcript
  • Original identification document(s). If you are a foreign national, the only acceptable ID document is your original passport.
  • CHSI/CSSD verification reports for your degree certificate and graduation certificate.
  • Power of attorney, if a third party is appointed to handle the application.

If you are living outside China, you might be wondering whether it is okay to use copies of your ID document and academic credentials for filing the notarization application. Unfortunately, the answer is “No”. The original documents must be presented according to the local notary in Shenzhen. 

If you need guidance on how to obtain the CSSD verification reports as mentioned above, please take a look at our blogs, How to Get Verification Report for Your China Degree Certificate and How to Get Verification Report for Your China Graduation Certificate. Some people may not be able to get the verification reports due to various reasons. An alternative acceptable to Shenzhen Notary Public Office is a Confirmation Letter for Academic Credentials Notarization (申办学历公证的证明) issued by the relevant school.


1 to 2 weeks.


A notarial certificate to be used abroad needs to come with a translation of the relevant language The notary office that notarizes your document will get the translation and make it part of the completed notarial document as shown in the below sample. Please confirm with the entity that requires you to provide the document which language of translation is needed.


Sample Notarial Degree Certificate Issued by Shenzhen Notary Public Office

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