Guide to Applying for Police Certificates in Fujian Province

In this article, we will briefly explain how a foreign national apply for a China police certificate in Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou or any other cities of Fujian Province.

On Jan. 29, 2019, Fujian Provincial Public Department issued the Regulations for Fujian Public Security Police Stations on Issuance of Certificates of No Criminal Record (Trial Implementation) (hereinafter, the Fujian Regulations). In the Fujian Regulations, Fujian authorities for the first time provide written rules governing the issuance of police certificates to foreigners. Interestingly enough, just a few weeks before Fujian Regulations are issued, its neighbor, Guangdong Province, also announced new police certificate regulations which are very much simlar to those of Fujian. (Click here to see Guangdong police certificate regulations.) 

Previously, in the absence of provincial rules, each city in Fujian either had no rules or had its own rules unavailable to the public. And this caused all kinds of difficulties. For an instance, if a foreign national lived in multiple cities or different addresses in the same city, he would need to get multiple police certificates with multiple police stations and each police station would ask for different documents. Now, Fujian has its provincial rules applicable in the entire province. The same requirements are used in all cities of Fujian. And one single police certificate can cover all the periods of your residence in the province. If you are currently living in Xiamen but you also lived in Fuzhou and Quanzhou before you moved to Xiamen, you could just apply for one police certificate in Xiamen to cover the time you spent in all three cities. This is a significant improvement on the application for foreigner police certificates.

STEP 1: Apply for Police Certificate with Local Police Station in Fujian

Where to apply?

Article 7 of the Fujian Regulations provides that a foreigner needs to apply with the “police station having jurisdiction over the place of his residence”. Such a police station is the one where you registered your residence and got your Temporary Residence Registration Forms (TRRF). It is usually the police station near where you live.

For those foreign nationals who have lived at multiple addresses in Fujian Province and the addresses fall into the jurisdictions of different police stations, we recommend that you apply with the police station having jurisdiction over your last address. (It is unclear from the Fujian Regulations whether you can file the application with a previous police station where you registered.)

What are the requriements?

A foreigner applicant is required to provide the following documents

(a). Passport(s)

If you used an old passport during the period sought to be covered by your police certificate, you need to provide both your old and the current passports.

(b). Temporary Residence Registration Form (TRRF)

Click here to view a sample TRRF. A police certificate can only cover the periods of your residence as reflected by your TRRFs. If you had TRRFs but you no longer keep them, the police station may or may not help you find the TRRFs records in their database.

(c). Power of attorney, if applicable.

If you are unable to appear in person, you can appoint another person to file the application on your behalf. The Fujian Regulations require that a power of attorney be signed and fingerprinted by the applicant. It doesn’t specify which fingers of the applicant need to be printed. We usually ask clients to use both index fingers.

(d). Any other documents the police station deems necessary

Documents (a), (b) (c) are specifically required according to the Fujian Regulations. In addition, police stations may ask applicants to provide other documents they deem necessary. An example is an enrolment verification letter issued by a university if the applicant was an international student in China.

How long will it take?

Article 15 of the Fujian Regulations requires that police stations complete the issuance of police certificates within 3 work days, except for some unusual circumstances.

What a police certificate looks like?

STEP 2: Apply for Notarial Police Certificate with Local Notary Office

Where to apply?

If your police certificate is to be used in a country outside of China for purposes of immigration, employment or school admission, you will also need to get the police certificate notarized by a local notary office in the same city where your police certificate is issued. Generally, there are aways multiple notary offices in one city. Only the notary offices with the power of foreign-related notarization can notarize a police certificate. We recommend that you apply to the major notary office in a city because the major one usually has more experience in dealing with such an uncommon notary application.

Major notary office in Xiamen

Name: Xiamen Municipal Notary Public Office
Address: Siming Qu, Tongan Lu 2 Hao Tianlu Dasha, Xiamen
Telephone: +86 0592.2025322

Major notary office in Fuzhou

Name: Fuzhou Municipal Notary Public Office
Address: Taijiang Qu, Gaoqiao Lu 69 Hao Shimin Zhongxin, Fuzhou
Telephone: +86 0591.86211391

What are the requriements?

The notarization of your police certificate is the easier part. Just bring the following documents and file the notary application at a major notary office.

(a). Passport(s)
(b). Power of attorney, if applicable.
(c). Police certificate issued by a local police station

The major notary offices in Fuzhou and Xiamen only require the listed documents for issuance of notarial police certificates. However, notary offices in other cities may ask for different documents as they deem necessary.

How long will it take?

Typically, a notary office takes about 3 to 5 business days to issue a notarial police certificate.

What a notarial police certificate looks like?

Notary offices across the country issue notarial police certificates in the same format. Please take a look at our article, What a China Police Certificate Looks Like.


It is a big improvement that Fujian authorities issued public written rules about the issuance of police certificates. Previously, the lack of written rules caused all kinds of confusion and difficulties. We think the drawback of the Fujian Regulations is that police certificate applications are not centralized. There are hundreds of small police stations in Fujian. You cannot expect every one of them to be well prepared for police certificate applications by foreigners, especially when a case is unique and the rules do not cover the unique situation.

At ZhaoZhao, we are committed to providing foreign nationals with high-quality services for obtaining China police certificates or preparing statements explaining why a certificate is unobtainable. If you are interested in using our service, please fill in a quote request form. Click the below button to get started.

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  1. Hello,

    I am currently applying for an immigrant visa as a spouse of a US citizen (IR1). I have only stayed in China from October 26, 2006 to May 27, 2007. The National Visa Center is requesting me to provide a notarial police certificate/notarial certificate of no criminal record (with certified English Translations).The only address that I have is this ,c/o Liu Li , Shutang road, Gulou District ,Fuzhou, Fujian, China 350000 . I entered China on an L visa. I have the copies of the entry and exit stamps, L visa and all the residence permits. I travelled to China using my maiden name. I am now using my married name. I don’t have any copies of the TRRF (temporary registration). Will it be possible for you to secure me a police certificate?

    • Hi Arlie. The key to the success of getting your police certificate in Fuzhou is whether you fully comply with the TRRF requirement. We can help you apply to the local police station for a police certificate. However, we do not know for sure whether the police station will issue it until we actually apply to the police station.


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