Guide to Applying for China Police Certificate in Suzhou

According to a police officer we met in Suzhou, in Dec. 2020 Jiangsu Provincial Public Security issued a new regulation on police certificate applications. The new regulation is titled Regulations for Jiangsu Public Security Organs on Issuing and Checking Records of Law Breaking and Criminal Offenses. The regulation is not available to the public and we were only allowed to take a quick peek at part of the content.

The procedures and requirements for getting a foreigner’s police certificate in Suzhou are basically the same as in Hangzhou. a Chinese proverb says “just as there is paradise in heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth”. Many people get confused with these two cities thinking they are located in the same province of China, but, in fact, Suzhou is a city in Jiangsu Province while Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province. Their similarities in police certificate applications add another reason for the confusion.

In Suzhou, there are three steps for applying for a foreigner’s police certificate, also known as a certificate of no criminal record. In this article, we will explain each step in detail below.

STEP 1: Get Notary’s Letter Requesting Police Station to Check Criminal Records

The local rules in Suzhou provide that an individual foreigner must apply to a notary office for a police certificate and the notary office may request local police stations to check whether the applicant has any criminal records. The request is written in a letter that the applicant himself or herself needs to deliver to the intended police station.

Where to apply?

There are multiple notary offices in Suzhou that are licensed to handle foreign-related notary applications. The major notary office is Suzhou Notary Public Office whose contact info is shown below.

Suzhou Notary Public Office
Address: Google Maps or Baidu Maps
Phone: +86.0512.68083871

Processing Time?

On the spot.

Required documents?

Sample Notary Letters to Police Stations

Suzhou Notary Public Office issues the letter in two different formats both meaning the notary requests a local police station to check criminal records. Some police stations prefer Format A while the others prefer Format B. The letter is put into an envelope provided by the notary office.

STEP 2: Obtain Police Certificate Issued by Police Station

After you get the notary’s letter, you need to deliver the letter along with other documents (explained below) to the police station where you registered your residence. The police certificate will issue a police station in reply to the notary’s letter.

Where to apply?

It should be the police station where you registered your residence. If you registered with multiple police stations, you need to apply for a separate police certificate with each police station.

Who are eligible?

A foreigner applicant must have registered residence with local police station(s) and obtained Temporary Residence Registration Forms. If you no longer keep some old Temporary Residence Registration Forms, the police station would look up your records on their computer.

Processing Time?

On the spot or a couple days.

Required documents?

  • Notary’s letter requesting the police station to check criminal records
  • Passports
  • Temporary Residence Registration Forms
  • Power of attorney, if a third-party is appointed to handle the application.

Sample Police Certificate Issued by Police Stations

We have seen two different formats of police certificates issued by police stations in Suzhou.

STEP 3: Return to Notary Office and Submit Police Certificate

After you receive the police certificate issued by the police station, you need to return to the notary office and submit the police certificate for applying for a notarial police certificate with English translation or other language translation as needed.

Processing Time?

3 to 5 days.

Sample Notarial Police Certificate

All notary offices across China issue notarial police certificates in the same format. Please take a look at our article, What a China Police Certificate Looks Like.


In practice, we find that some police stations still have no experience in issuing police certificates to foreigners. Officers at one police station had to ask their colleagues in other police stations about how to handle an application. For those police stations that are familiar with this application, their document requirement may vary slightly. For example, one police station requires an original power of attorney authenticated by a Chinese embassy and another just requires a signed copy of the power of attorney. We think these variations could be unified if there were a centralized police department designated for receiving applications, like the way Guangzhou police is doing.

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