Guide to Applying for China Police Certificate in Sanya

In Sanya, the procedures for getting a foreigner’s police certificate is not as difficult as in many other cities. In Sanya, an applicant only needs to file an application with Sanya Municipal Notary Public Office, while in most other cities, applicants have to deal with both police and notary to obtain a notarial China police certificate. In this article, we will briefly explain how a foreign national can apply for a China police certificate in Sanya, Hainan Province.

Procedures and Requirements for Applying for China Police Certificate in Sanya

Where to apply?

For foreign nationals, your police certificate applications should be filed with a local notary office. We usually file applications with Sanya Municipal Notary Public Office, which is the major notary office in the city. There is another notary office in Sanya, but we have not used it. Below is the contact info of Sanya Municipal Notary Public Office

Name: Sanya Municipal Notary Public Office
Address: Jiyang Qu, Yingchun Lu 5 Hao, General Justice Affairs Building, Sanya
Telephone: +86 0898.88398008

What are the requriements?

A foreigner applicant is required to provide the following documents

  1. Passport(s). (NOTE: If you used an old passport during the period sought to be covered by your police certificate, you need to provide both your old and the current passports.)
  2. Temporary Residence Registration Form (TRRF). (NOTE: Click here to view a sample TRRF.)
  3. Power of attorney, if applicable. (NOTE: If you are unable to appear in person, you can appoint another person to file the application on your behalf. Note that the power of attorney may or may not needs to be authenticated by a Chinese embassy/consulate in the country where you are living. For more information about China consular authentication, please take a look at my article, “Guide to Applying for China Consular Authentication”.)

Our experience shows that foreigners who have held residence permits issued from Sanya always get police certificates successfully. It is unclear whether foreigners holding other types of visas are also eligible for applying for a police certificate. Other types of visas include M (trade and commerce) visa, F (exchange visitor) visa and L (tourist) visa.

How long will it take?

The notary office does not provide a fixed processing time. In our experience, it takes about 15 to 20 days on average. After an application is accepted, the notary office will request the Division of Exit and Entry Administration of Sanya Public Security Bureau (PSB) to check whether the applicant has any criminal record. The PSB will return the check result to the notary office, but not to the applicant. The check result is a document named “Letter in Reply to Request for Assisting in Investigation” (see below a sample). The original letter will be kept by the notary office, but the applicant may request a copy.

Sample “Letter in Reply to Request for Assisting in Investigation” issued by Sanya PSB.

Sample Notarial Police Certificate

Notarial offices across China issue notarial police certificates in the same format. Please take a look at our article, What a China Police Certificate Looks Like.


At ZhaoZhao, we are committed to providing foreign nationals with high-quality services for obtaining China police certificates or preparing statements explaining why a certificate is unobtainable. If you are interested in using our service, please fill in a quote request form. Click the below button to get started.

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