Guide to Applying for a Police Certificate in Chengdu

Local authorities in Chengdu are among the earliest who issued publicly available rules governing the issuance of police certificates to foreign nationals. Chengdu issued the rules in 2016, Shanghai 2016, Guangdong Province 2019, Beijing 2019, Fujian Province 2019. You can find the Chengdu rules on the website of Chengdu Public Security Bureau at

In this article, we will explain the general procedures and requirements about how a foreign national who has lived in Chengdu applies for a China police certificate, also known as a police clearance certificate or certificate of no criminal record.

Procedures for Applying for a China Police Certificate in Chengdu

STEP 1: Apply to Local Notary Office

In Chengdu, a foreigner who needs a China police certificate must apply to a local notary office with the power to issue foreign-related notarizations. Upon accepting the application, the notary office will request the Division of Exit and Entry Administration of Chengdu Public Security Bureau (PSB) to run a criminal record check and return the check result to the notary through an internal channel. The notary will issue a notarial police certificate based on the check result. Applicants cannot apply to the PSB directly.

While there is a number of such notary offices in Chengdu, we always file applications with Chengdu Notary Public Office which is the biggest notary office in the city.

Chengdu Notary Public Office
Address Qingyang Qu, Shuncheng Dajie 302 Hao, Chengdu (In Chinese, 成都市青羊区顺城大街302号)
Telephone +86 028.962626
Office Hours9:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00, Monday to Friday.
9:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00, Saturday & Sunday.

STEP 2: Pick Up Completed Certificate at Notary

The entire processing time from filing the application to receiving the completed certificate is about 15~20 working days. You will be notified by the issuing notary office when the notarial police certificate is ready for pick-up.

Sample Chengdu Notarial Police Certificate.
Note the certificate will have an additional two pages if it is for use in the U.S.
See more about What a China Police Certificate Looks Like

Requirements for Applying for a China Police Certificate in Chengdu


  1. You must have resided in Chengdu for 180 days or more; and
  2. You must have China residence permits issued in Chengdu during the periods you seek to cover by a police certificate.

Required Documents

(a) Passports—Originals or Authenticated Copies

The original documents of your passports are always preferred. If original passports are unavailable and only copies are provided, the copies must be authenticated by a Chinese consulate/embassy.

(b) Temporary Residence Registration Form

At least one Temporary Residence Registration Form must be provided. Click here to view a sample.

(c) Employer/school letter confirming no criminal record

Click here to view a sample. Always use letterhead if possible. You don’t have to specify a recipient as the sample shows.

(d) Foreign-related work unit contact card

Every work unit in Chengdu that employs foreign nationals should have this document. Click here to view a sample.

(e) ID photos. If a third-party is appointed to file the application on your behalf, also provide an authenticated declaration confirming the ID photo is the true photo of yourself.

Click here to view a sample declaration. The declaration must be authenticated by a Chinese Consulate/Embassy. 

(f) Power of attorney

A power of attorney is required if a third-party is appointed to file the application on your behalf. The power of attorney must be authenticated by a Chinese consulate/embassy.


We have never seen anywhere in China that local authorities require a police certificate applicant to provide a foreign-related work unit contact card and an authenticated declaration confirming a photo is your true likeness. These requirements make Chengdu the winner of the most difficult city in terms of police certificate applications by foreigners. We don’t understand why the authorities are so obsessed with the ID photo declaration. Wouldn’t be much easier if notary officers just have a video call with the applicant to confirm if the submitted photo is authentic?

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