Guide to Applying for a Police Certificate in Beijing

Starting December 1, 2019, new rules titled The Procedures for Handling Overseas Personnel’s Applications for Checking Whether They Have Criminal Records During the Periods of Their Residence in Beijing came into effect.

These are the first public rules issued by Beijing police authorities governing the issuance of police certificates to foreigners in Beijing. While giving more transparency about police certificate applications, the new rules have not made things easier for foreign nationals. The previous “one-stop” service is no longer available. Under the new rules, applicants must go to two different government entities, i.e. public security bureau and notary, to obtain a notarial police certificate for purposes of immigration, employment, etc.

In this article, we will explain the general procedures and requirements about how a foreign national who has lived in Beijing applies for a China police certificate, also known as a police clearance certificate or certificate of no criminal record.

STEP 1: Apply for Police Certificate with Local Police in Beijing

You can apply for a police certificate at one of the exit and entry administration of the district bureaus of Beijing Public Security Bureau (PSB). For those who are unfamiliar with the structure of PSB agencies, there are generally three levels of PSBs: 1. municipal PSB, 2. district bureau whose jurisdiction is a particular district and 3. police station whose jurisdiction is the smallest. Below is a full list of the district bureaus and their addresses:

Dongcheng District Bureau: Dongcheng Qu, Zhushikou Dongdajie 16-5. 东城分局:东城区珠市口东大街16-5
Xicheng District Bureau: Xicheng Qu, Xinbi Jie 3 Hao.西城分局:西城区新壁街3号
Chaoyang District Bureau: Chaoyang Qu, Jiuxianqiao Beilu Jia Shihaoyuan 304 Hao
Haidian District Bureau: Haidian Qu, Fucheng Lu 67 Hao.海淀分局:海淀区阜成路67号
Fengtai District Bureau: Fengtai Qu, Fengguan Lu 58-2 Hao.丰台分局:丰台区丰管路58-2号
Shijingshan District Bureau: Shijingshan Qu, Gucheng Nanli Jia 3 Hao.石景山分局:石景山区古城南里甲3号
Mentougou District Bureau: Mentougou Qu, Xinqiao Dajie 45 Hao.门头沟分局:门头沟区新桥大街45号
Fangshan District Bureau: Fangshan Qu, Gongzhen Jiedao Zhengtong Lu 16 Hao.房山分局:房山区拱辰街道政通路16号
Tongzhou District Bureau: Tongzhou Qu, Yudaihe Xijie 67 Hao Yuan 1-2.通州分局:通州区玉带河西街67号院1-2
Shunyi District Bureau: Shunyi Qu, Konggang A Qu, Tianzhu Donglu Jia 3 Hao.顺义分局:顺义区空港A区天柱东路甲3号
Changping District Bureau:Changping Qu, Zhengfu Xijie Xilu 4 Hao.昌平分局:昌平区政府街西路4号
Daxing District Bureau: Daxing Qu, Jinxing Lu 12 Hao Yuan 5 Hao Lou.大兴分局:大兴区金星路12号院5号楼
Huairou District Bureau: Huairou Qu, Qingchun Lu 37 Hao.怀柔分局:怀柔区青春路37号
Pinggu District Bureau: Pinggu Qu, Linyin Beijie 13 Hao.平谷分局:平谷区林荫北街13号
Miyun District Bureau: Miyun Qu, Xidaqiao Lu 12 Hao.密云分局:密云区西大桥路12号
Yanqing District Bureau: Yanqing Qu, Yanqing Town, Hunan Xilu 18 Hao.延庆分局:延庆区延庆镇湖南西路18号

Who are eligible?

You must have lived in Beijing continuously for 6 months or more.

What are the required documents?

  • Current passport
  • Prior passport, if applicable.
  • Temporary Residence Registration Forms
  • Proof of the purpose for getting your China police certificate (E.g. a notice issued by immigration authorities requesting your China police certificate.)
  • Power of attorney, if applicable.

Sample Beijing PoliceCertificate Issued by PSB

STEP 2: Apply for Notarial Police Certificate with Local Notary Office in Beijing

The issuance of police certificates by PSB exit and entry administration is not the end of the process. If a police certificate will be used for purposes of immigration, immigration authorities in countries, such as U.S., Canada, and Australia, typically require that the police certificate be notarized by a local notary office in China. Below is the contact information of a major notary office in Beijing. (There are a dozen other notary offices that can notarize police certificates. It’s not required to go to a particular notary office.)

Beijing Fangyuan Notary Public Office 北京方圆公证处
Dongcheng Qu, Dongshuijing Hutong 4 Hao Beijing INN, Beijing.北京东城区东水井胡同5号北京INN大厦

What are the required documents?

  • Current passport
  • Prior passport, if applicable.
  • Police certificate issued by an exit and entry administration of Beijing PSB
  • Power of attorney, if applicable.

Sample Beijing Notarial Police Certificate

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4 thoughts on “Guide to Applying for a Police Certificate in Beijing”

  1. I want to ask whether I am eligible for obtaining police certificate in Beijing or not. I got scholarship for one year Chinese Language, from September 2018 to July 2019, but in winter vacation from 1st February to 3rd March I visited my home country .so Am I eligible for this certificate or not ?
    Please guide me

    • Hi Erum. The fact that you exited from China in Feb. and re-entered in March is irrelevant to your China police certificate application in Beijing. The Beijing rules require that an applicant live in Beijing for a continuous period of 6 months or more, but Beijing authorities determine the period of your residence based on Temporary Residence Registration Forms (TRRFs). If a foreign national has a residence permit issued in Beijing, his TRRFs typically cover a period longer than 6 months. So, we cannot know for sure whether you are eligible for applying for a police certificate because we do not know how long your TRRFs cover.

      • Hello Zhang . Thank you so much for your response. I am really sorry for late response as I have just seen your reply. My residence permit issued in Beijing was from October 2018 to July 2019. I would really appreciate if you can guide me in this regard.

        • Hi Erum. Since you had a Beijing residence permit, you should be able to apply for a police certificate. Just follow our guide to file the application in Beijing. If you are interested in using our service, please click here to complete a request-a-quote form.


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