Guide to Applying for a China Police Certificate in Tianjin

Around Sept. 2017, the Division of Exit and Entry Administration of Tianjin Public Security Bureau (PSB) replaced Tianjin Criminal Science & Technology Research Institute to be the government entity that police certificates to foreigners, aka Certificate of No Criminal Record. Since then, the PSB has slightly changed the application procedures. For example, the PSB no longers requires an applicant to pick up his certificate upon issuance. Instead, the PSB delivers the certificate directly to a local notary office which subsequently issues a notarial police certificate.

In this article, we will explain the general procedures and requirements about how a foreign national who has lived in Tianjin applies for a China police certificate, also known as a police clearance certificate or certificate of no criminal record.

Where to apply for a China police certificate in Tianjin

There are two government agencies involved in the process for applying for a China police certificate in Tianjin:

(1) The Division of Exit and Entry Administration of Tianjin PSB (“PSB”)

Address: 天津市河北区寿安街19号  邮编300010
Phone: +86 022-24458825

(2) Tianjin Beifang Notary Public Office (“Notary”)

Address: 天津市和平区大理道100号 邮编300050
Phone: +86 022-58825888

What are the procedures for applying for a China police certificate in Tianjin?

Step 1. Go to the Notary and apply for the issuance of a Request for Foreigner Criminal Record Check.
Step 2. Go to the PSB and submit the Request for Foreigner Criminal Record Check along with other required documents.
Step 3. The PSB runs the check and returns the check result directly to the Notary.
Step 4. Go back to the Notary and finalize the application.
Step 5. Go to the Notary again to pick up the completed notarial police certificate.

What are the requirements for applying for a China police certificate in Tianjin?

Documents Required by Notary

  • Current passport
  • Prior passport, if applicable.
  • Power of attorney, if applicable.

Documents Required by PSB

(Note: You are also recommended to bring copies of your Temporary Residence Registration Forms issued by local police in Tianjin. Click here to view a sample.)

Sample Criminal Record Check Result issued by the PSB

Sample Notarial Police Certificate issued by Notary

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